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Economic Development Commission

Contact:   Bolton.EDC@boltonct.org 

Agendas & Minutes

2020 Agendas and Minutes
Date Agenda Minutes Recordings
January 28, 2020  
February 25, 2020  
March 31, 2020 Cancelled    
April 28, 2020 Cancelled    
May 26, 2020 Cancelled    
June 30, 2020 Cancelled    
July 28, 2020 Cancelled    
August 26,2020
September 29, 2020
October 27, 2020
December 1, 2020  
December 14, 2020  


2019 Agendas and Minutes
Date Agenda Minutes
January 29, 2019
February 26, 2019
March 26, 2019  
April 30, 2019
May 28, 2019
June 25, 2019
July 30, 2019
August 27, 2019 Cancelled
September 24, 2019
October 29, 2019
November - NO MEETING    
December 3, 2019
2018 Agendas and Minutes
Date Agenda Minutes
January 30, 2018
February 27, 2018
March 27, 2018
April 24, 2018
May 29, 2018
June 26, 2018  
July 31, 2018
August 28, 2018 No Quorum
September 25, 2018
October 30, 2018
December 4, 2018
2017 Agendas and Minutes
Date Agenda Minutes
January 24th
February 28th
March 28th
April 25th
May 23rd  
June 27th
July 25th  
August 22nd
September 26th
October 24th
December 5th
2016 Agendas and Minutes
Date Agenda Minutes
January 26th
February 23rd
March 22nd
April 26th
May 24th
June 28th
July 26th
August 23rd
September 27th  
October 25th
December 6th


Members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen and serve four-year terms per town Charter. Commission consists of no less than five regular members.

  • Milton Hathaway
    • Term Expires: July 1, 2023
  • Vacancy
    • Term Expires: 
  • Vacancy
    • Term Expires:
  • Vacancy
    • Term Expires:
  • Vacancy
    • Term Expires:


  • Vacancy - Alternate
    • Term Expires: 
  • Vacancy - Alternate
    • Term Expires:

To volunteer please fill out the Board/Commission Interest Form
PDF Version

Four Town Regional Economic Vitality Action Plan - July 2020

Business Yellow Pages

The Bolton Economic Development Commission is updating the Bolton Business Yellow Pages.  In order to be included in the free yellow pages please email us at Bolton.EDC@boltonct.org with your updated information.

Mission Statement

The Bolton EDC is committed to fostering a pro-business environment which encourages a sustainable and diverse tax base, fostering a strong local economy, while preserving the unique character and quality of life of Bolton.


  1. Advise the Board of Selectmen on matters relating to business development and economic development.
  2. Facilitate communication between businesses and town officials.
  3. Provide an environment that retains and fosters expansion of current business
  4. Attract new business and industry to the town 

About our Town

Bolton is a vibrant community ideally situated within commuting distances from several major cities and nestled in the lush Black Ledge River valley. Bolton is located 15 miles east of the state capital and 12 miles west of the main campus of the University of Connecticut.   Served by I-384 and three state thoroughfares (Route 44, Route 6 and Route 85), Bolton is easily accessible to many of the state’s major corporations, law firms, hospitals, and industries.  Our location has enabled Bolton to grow a stable residential population while maintaining a beautiful pastoral character.

The Town is approximately 14.7 square miles in area with 4,959 residents. Bolton’s median household income is approximately $97,019 and its median housing value is $293,100 (year 2015). The labor market population for Bolton is 3,143 with an unemployment rate of 3.90%. Additional demographic information is available at CERC: 

Town of Bolton CERC Town Profile 2017:


Connecticut Town Profiles:


The Tolland County Chamber of Commerce (TCCC) offers a wide range of services and activities to businesses located in Tolland County including informational workshops, grand opening ceremonies, advertising and social networking .  For more information on how to join go to the TCCC website at: http://www.tollandcountychamber.org/join-us.html.    

Bolton Zoning Map

Link to Route 44 Study

Link to Route 6 Hop River Corridor Transportation Study - Final Report

Link to Route 6 Hop River Corridor Transportation Study - Executive Summary

Link to Route 6 Hop River Corridor Economic Development Strategy & Master Plan -Executive Summary