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Capitol Regional Council of Governments

Adopted on October 1, 1973
Published on October 8, 1973
Effective Date:  October 23, 1973


Section 1.         The Town of Bolton does hereby adopt Sections 4-124i through 7-124p of the 1971 Supplement to the Connecticut General Statutes (Public Act 821), providing for the formation of a Regional Council of Governments within a planning region as defined or redefined by the Managing Director of the Planning and Budgeting Division in the Department of Finance and Control, and does hereby join such Regional Council of Governments as duly established in accordance with said statutes.  The adoption of such Sections includes the provisions of Special Act 73-79 of the 1973 General Assembly respecting additional representation for the core city within the Capital Region on a Regional Council of Governments, and a non-voting advisory Regional Forum thereunder.


Section 2.         The clerk is directed to immediately prepare and file with the director of the Planning and Budgeting Division in the Department of Finance and Control a certified copy of this ordinance upon its effective date.


Section 3.         The effective date of this ordinance shall be fifteen (15) days after publication in a newspaper having a general circulation in the Town of Bolton in accord with Section 7-157 of the Connecticut General Statutes as amended.