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Adopted by the Board of Selectmen on April 20, 1982

Published on April 24, 1982

Effective Date:  May 9, 1982
Amended:  September 19, 1989


Section 1.         The Board of Selectmen of the Town of Bolton shall have full authority to direct the manner in which driveways are connected with any Town road or road in an approved subdivision, pursuant to such rules and regulations adopted by resolution of said Board.  No person or corporation shall install any driveway which connects with any such road until written application shall have been made to said Board for a permit therefore nor until such permit shall have been granted by the said Board under such conditions as it shall deem equitable.  Any driveway installed in violation of this ordinance shall be deemed unlawful and the Town, through the town counsel or other appropriate official, may bring action to enjoin such installation or cause it to be removed.


Section 2.         The fee for a permit shall be that fee prescribed by the Board of Selectmen by resolution duly adopted by said Board.


Section 3.         The ordinance adopted April 20, 1960 concerning “Driveways:  Installation of” is hereby repealed.