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Elections, Town

Hours of Voting at Elections and Referendums

Adopted by the Board of Selectmen at a regular meeting on June 20, 2000

Published in the Manchester Extra,June 29, 2000
Effective Date:  July 14, 2000


Section 1.         Except as provided in Section 2 of this ordinance, the polls shall remain open for voting at all elections from six o’clock a.m. until eight o’clock p.m.


Section 2.         Whenever the town conducts a referendum on a day other than a state or town election, the polls shall be open from twelve noon to eight p.m.  By resolution, the Board of Selectmen may extend the hours during which the polls remain open, provided that they shall not be opened earlier than six a.m.


Section 3.         The ordinance adopted May 15, 1979 concerning the hours of voting is hereby repealed.


Shifts of Election Officials

Adopted by the Board of Selectmen at a regular meeting on May 15, 1979

Published May 19, 1979
Effective Date:  June 4, 1979


Section 1.         With the exception of the moderator of the election, there may be two shifts of election officials at all elections and referendums.


Section 2.         The moderator at each polling place shall keep a written record of the specific hours and time served at the polls by each election official.


Section 3.         In each polling place, all members of both shifts who are required to sign returns, including checkers and assistant registrars, if any, of both shifts, shall be present at the closing of the polls and shall remain until all returns have been executed.