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Highways and Streets

Adopted on May 14, 1973

Published on May 18, 1973
Effective Date:  June 2, 1973


Section 1.         APPLICATION


Any person, firm or corporation desiring to open or make any excavation or install, move, alter or disturb any drainage ditch or culvert in or upon any portion of the highways or streets maintained by the Town of Bolton for any purpose whatsoever shall make written application therefore to the Board of Selectmen.  No application will be accepted for consideration by the Board of selectmen unless the same is accompanied by a detailed description or plan showing the work to be performed, the portion of the highway or street affected thereby and the precise location (from the nearest monument or telephone pole) including depth of any permanent structure to be placed under such highways or streets.


Section 2.         ISSUANCE OF A PERMIT


The Board of Selectmen may, in writing, grant a permit for such opening or excavation or for such installation, moving, altering or disturbing any drainage ditch or culvert upon such terms and conditions as to the manner in which such work shall be carried on as may be reasonably required to protect the health, safety or welfare of all persons owning property abutting or using said highways and streets.  The Board of Selectmen may refuse to issue a permit for cause after due notice.  The Board of Selectmen may require the applicant to post a performance bond or other security acceptable to the Board of Selectmen to guarantee the proper completion of said work.


Section 3.         PENALTY


Any person, firm or corporation who violates this ordinance shall be fined not more than one hundred ($100.00) dollars for each offense.  Each day that such violation continues shall constitute a separate offense.


The effective date of this ordinance shall be fifteen (15) days after publication in a newspaper having a general circulation in the Town of Bolton in accord with Section 7-157 of the General Statutes as amended.


Section 4.         PERMIT FEE


The fee for such permit shall be that as provided by resolution of the Board of Selectmen.


(Effective Date of Section 4:  May 9, 1982)