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BE IT ORDAINED that the Town of Bolton adopt the following ordinance:


The names of all the streets within the Town of Bolton shall be assigned by the Board of Selectmen.  Applications for the approval of street names shall be filed with the Board of Selectmen at the time the street layout is first proposed to the Planning Commission or other appropriate authority.  The Selectmen may approve any name as proposed or may specify an alternate name. The Selectmen shall render their decision within 30 days of the date of receipt of the application.  If the Selectmen fail to act within such period of 30 days, the name proposed shall be adopted, unless the Planning Commission specifies a different name.  Streets which are accepted by the Town after the date of this ordinance shall be assigned names on the date of acceptance.  Street names may be changed by the Board of Selectmen only upon the approval of the voters of the Town of Bolton acting at a duly noticed Public Meeting.


Ordinance was adopted by the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Bolton at a Regular Board meeting held on Tuesday, September 20, 1988.


PUBLISHED in the Manchester Herald on September 30, 1988.


EFFECTIVE DATE:  October 15, 1988 (15 days after publication)