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Sanitary Regulations



Adopted:           December 7, 1970

Effective Date:   January 6, 1971

Amended (Permit Fee) at February 7, 1977 Town Meeting


DEFINITIONS:  The following definitions shall apply in the interpretation and enforcement of this regulation.


1.                   DWELLING: shall mean any building which is wholly or partly used or arranged or designed to be used for living or sleeping by human occupants.

2.                   DWELLING UNIT: shall mean any room or group of rooms located within a dwelling and forming a single habitable unit with facilities which are used, arranged or designed to be occupied for living, sleeping, cooking and eating.


3.                   DIRECTOR OF HEALTH: shall mean the legally designated health authority of the Town of Bolton or his authorized representative.


4.                   MULTIPLE DWELLING: shall mean any dwelling containing more than two dwelling units.


5.                   OWNER: shall mean any person having title to, or control of, property either as principal or agent.


6.                   ROOMING HOUSE: shall mean any dwelling, or that part of any dwelling, containing one or more rooming units in which space is let by the owner, or operator to three or more persons who are not husband or wife, son or daughter, mother or father or sister or brother of the owner or operator.


7.                   ROOMING UNIT: shall mean any room or group of rooms forming a single habitable unit used or intending to be used for living and sleeping, but not for cooking or eating purposes.


8.                   TOWN: shall mean the Town of Bolton, Connecticut.


APPLICATION:  The provisions of this regulation shall apply throughout the geographical limits of the Town of Bolton.


INCORPORATION OF THE PUBLIC HEALTH CODE OF THE STATE OF CONNECTICUT:  The provisions of the Public Health Code of the State of Connecticut relating to matters not specifically provided for hereunder are incorporated herein by this reference and made a part hereof.  In their interpretation and application, the provisions of this regulation shall be held to be minimum requirements, adopted for the promotion of the public health and safety.  Wherever the requirements of this regulation are at variance with the requirements of the Public Health Code of the State of Connecticut, the most restrictive or that imposing the higher standards shall govern.




1.                   The Town Director of Health, Assistant Director of Health and the First Selectman as his agent shall each have the power and duty to enforce these regulations.

2.                   A Town Sanitarian shall be appointed by the Selectmen upon a recommendation from the Director of Health.  The Sanitarian shall act as the agent of the Director of Health on all matters relating to sewage disposal and water supply systems as well as other matters as authorized by the Director of Health.




1.                   No building requiring private sewage disposal facilities or private water supply shall hereafter be constructed in the Town unless the sewage disposal and water supply facilities are approved by the Sanitarian and no building shall be occupied in the Town unless the sewage disposal and water supply facilities are approved by the Sanitarian.  All buildings to be connected to public sewage system when available.

2.                   No person shall commence the construction of any building requiring privision for private sewage disposal or private water supply until a permit has been obtained from the Sanitarian.  No existing private sewerage system or private water supply shall hereafter be altered or repaired until the plans for the proposed alterations and repairs have been approved by and permit for such alterations or repairs issued by the Sanitarian.

3.                   Application for a permit shall be made on forms supplied at the Building Inspector’s office.  The completed application for a permit shall be submitted to the Sanitarian along with plans showing all information required by these regulations and prepared in a manner acceptable to the Sanitarian.  No permit shall be issued until plans are approved as conforming to the requirements of these regulations.  Upon receipt of a completed application for a permit, the Sanitarian shall have 30 days to review the application and approve or disapprove.  If such application is disapproved, the specific reasons for this action must be stated and forwarded to the applicant in written form.

4.                   The Sanitarian shall make periodic inspections and a final inspection of the work to insure construction in accordance with the approved plans.


Inspection shall be made at the following stages of construction:


(a)     Seepage tests.

(b)     Final inspection – system installed and connected but before covering or backfilling.


If construction of the system is satisfactory at the time of final inspection, the Sanitarian shall notify the applicant of this approval.  Written approval shall be given upon request.


PERMIT FEES:  A fee of $30.00 shall be paid for each permit upon application.  Permits shall be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue and may be renewed for additional periods of six months by the Sanitarian.




1.                   Any person aggrieved by any action of the Sanitarian in connection with the enforcement of this regulation may request and shall be granted a hearing on the matter before the Director of Health; provided that such person shall file a petition stating the reasons for such hearing and within ten days after the date such action was taken.

2.                   The hearing shall take place not more than ten days after such petition is filed unless the petitioner agrees in writing to a postponement.

3.                   After such hearing, the Director of Health may by order sustain, modify or disapprove the petition in accordance with these regulations and the finding of the hearing.  A summary of the hearing and the decision of the Director of Health, as well as all other submitted material shall become a part of the public record in the Office of the Selectmen.

4.                   Any person aggrieved by the decision of the Director of Health may seek relief therefrom, as provide by the laws of this State.


PENALTIES:  Any person who violates any provision of these regulations shall be fined not more than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for any single violation.  Each day such violation is continued after due notice has been given by the Sanitarian, Director of Health or First Selectman, shall be deemed a separate violation and shall be punishable as such.


REPEAL AND DATE OF EFFECT:  All Ordinances and Regulations and parts of ordinances and regulations in conflict with this Regulation are hereby repealed and this Regulation shall be in full force and effect immediately upon its adoption.


UNCONSTITUTIONALITY CLAUSE:  Should any section, paragraph, sentence, clause or phrase of this Regulation be declared unconstitutional or invalid for any reason, the remainder of said Regulation shall not be affected thereby.


EFFECTIVE DATE:  The sanitary regulation shall take effect on January 6, 1971.  Valid permits previously issued shall be valid for one year from the effective date of this regulation.