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Town Seal

TOWN SEAL:  Adoption


Adopted:  February 1, 1970


The Town of Bolton hereby adopts and provides itself with the Seal herein after set forth and described, which Seal shall be the Seal of the Town of Bolton and shall contain the name of the Town and of the State and shall have the word “seal” inscribed thereon.


Any prior Town Seal heretofore adopted and provided by the Town of Bolton is hereby repealed and the Seal hereinafter set forth shall be the official Seal of the Town of Bolton, commencing on the first day of February, 1970.


The Seal is described as follows:  The design being the prize winning Commemorative Coin for the 250th Anniversary – the side designed for the Seal.  The outer rim gives the date of incorporation.  The top of the inner circle “shows the Hartford Mountains” (as the town was first known) and the rising sun with water at its base depicting our lakes.  On one side of a scroll stands Joshua, son of Uncas, as he bequeaths the lands of Bolton to the early settlers on the other side of the scroll.  Within the scroll are symbols for farming (plow), industry (water wheel), beauty (fruit branch), service to country (rifle and sword) and an acorn symbolizing growth and solidarity.