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Veterans/Surviving Spouses

VETERANS OR SURVIVING SPOUSES, Additional Property Tax Exemption




Notice is hereby given that the following ORDINANCE was ADOPTED unanimously by the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Bolton at a Regular Board meeting held on Tuesday, September 3, 1985.




RESOLVED that the Town of Bolton adopt the following ordinance:




Any veteran or any veteran’s surviving spouse who is entitled to an exemption from property tax in accordance with Section 12-81 (19) or Section 12-81 (22), respectively, of the Connecticut General Statutes shall be entitled to an additional exemption applicable to the assessed value of property up to the amount of one thousand dollars, provided the income of such veteran or veteran’s surviving spouse does not exceed the levels specified in Section1 2-81 f (1) and Section 12-81 f (b), respectively, of the Connecticut General Statutes.




Any veteran or veteran’s surviving spouse submitting a claim for such additional exemption shall file with the Assessor not later than the assessment date for which such additional exemption is claimed (1) an application on a form prescribed by the Assessor, and 92) a copy of such veteran’s or spouse’s federal income tax return, or in the event such a return is not filed such evidence related to income as maybe prescribed by the Assessor, for the tax year of such veteran or spouse ending immediately prior to the assessment date for which such exemption is claimed.








Said notice is given in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 5.2 (E) and (F) of the Revised Charter of the Town of Bolton.




Dated at Bolton, Connecticut, this 5th day of September, 1985.




ATTEST:  Catherine K. Leiner, Town Clerk of Bolton




Published on Page 18 of the MANCHESTER HERALD on Saturday, September 7th, 1985.




EFFECTIVE DATE:  September 22, 1985