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Notice of Actions

November 17, 2023

Notice of Actions
Bentley Memorial Library Board
Regular Meeting November 14, 2023

At a Regular Meeting of the Bentley Memorial Library Board held on November 14, 2023 at 4:00 PM the following actions were taken:
1. Minutes of the Regular Meeting held September 26, 2023: A motion was made by Ms. Holliman, seconded by Ms. Hryn to approve the minutes as presented with the following changes: First bullet within Director’s Report deleting sentence ‘The patio can hold up to fifty people’. Eighth bullet within Director’s Report change octagon case to Sumner’s Sisters Case. New Business: replace Issue for Book Policy with Reconsideration of a Book. The motion passed unanimously.

2. Bentley Memorial Library Board Meeting Schedule for 2024. A motion was made by Ms. Fazzina, seconded by Ms. Nowak to meet Bi-Monthly, six times a year: January 9, March 12, May 14, July 9, September 10 and November 12, 2024. Meetings are held at Bentley Memorial Library at 4pm. The motion passed unanimously.

3. Adjournment: A motion was made by Ms. Goldsnider, seconded by Ms. Fazzina to adjourn the meeting at 5:15PM. The motion passed unanimously.

Dated 16th day of November 2023.