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The Town of Bolton will hold its annual Shredding Event – Saturday, June 3, 2023 from 9 a.m. to noon at the recycling/transfer station. Residents from the Town of Bolton can bring documents for shredding to the recycling center. All rings and binders must be removed. Staples do not need to be removed. There is no limit to the quantity of documents to be shredded.

Budget Referendum Results:

YES = 579             NO = 556
Budget Passed.                             
FY2024 Budget 

Highway Department

The Highway Department is responsible for maintenance of Town roads. Other work done by the Highway Department (besides plowing and sanding) include roadside mowing, brush and limb trimming to improve
sight lines, street sweeping, catch basin cleaning, repairing curbing, patching potholes, cleaning ditches, replacing “lost” street signs, rebuilding catch basins when necessary, hauling and mixing winter sand and salt, and maintaining all of the town-owned equipment and trucks. 

EVERSOURCE to Continue Tree Trimming in 2021

Eversource will continue tree trimming in the Town of Bolton through 2021. For a map of the areas that will be targeted click here.

Bolton T2 Crash Report Summary

Snow Reminders (including damaged mailboxes)

Please check the stability of your mailbox and pole. The town will not be responsible for damage to mailboxes as the result of the weight of snow hitting the box or post. In the event that a Bolton snowplow makes contact with a mailbox and damages it, the town will replace the mailbox with a standard U.S. Postal Mailbox (cost approximately $10) in addition to a 4”x 4” post and installation. If we damage your mailbox, please call the selectmen’s office to report it within two business days after the incident. The highway supervisor will be responsible for determining the cause of any damage to a mailbox. Residents who are not willing to accept the standard U.S. Postal Mailbox as a replacement will be offered a check for the cost of a standard U.S. mailbox only. The town will not be responsible for incurring the cost of specialty mailboxes.

During snow storms, residents are asked to help the highway crew keep our roads clear by not parking cars or placing trash cans in the road. In addition, snow from resident’s driveways should not be plowed onto town roads. This can create hazardous conditions for everybody. As such, there is a Town ordinance with a fine that prohibits property owners from plowing snow into the road.