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Tax Collector's Office


2023 Payment info can be found following the link above 

* IRS Payment Records for  Year 2023
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860-649-8066 x6101

Email us at taxcollector@boltonct.gov

Sale of Delinquent Properties:

The Tax Collector of the town of Bolton has levied upon delinquent properties and slated them for public auction to satisfy delinquent taxes and charges under CGS 12-157 at 9:30 am on Tuesday, June 4th in the Main Hall of Town Hall, 222 Bolton Center Rd.

Information on the listed properties and general information on Tax Sales may be found on CT Tax Sales

Delinquent Motor Vehicle bills have been reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Please pay your tax bill as soon as possible to avoid having a registration held up.

It will be necessary to have all accounts paid to be able to register a vehicle. 

Please make sure you pay your taxes at least 2 weeks before you need to register your vehicle to make sure you have no compliance issues.  You can check DMV’s online services under compliance issues to ensure you are clear before you go to DMV.  If you need clearance before the 2-week period of time, then you will need to make your payment with a credit/debit card online or in the office.  Payment can be made with cash or money order in the Tax Collector’s Office as well. 

Please make us aware you are requesting a release for DMV as it is not immediately taken off. 

IS YOUR CAR REGISTERED?  Check your cars registration or check on DMV’s online services for your registration’s status.

Check DMV’s online services for registration status and compliance issues here: DMV ONLINE SERVICES


The Town of Bolton is under contract with TaxServ Capital services for the collection of some of the Town’s delinquent taxes.  If your account was sent to TaxServ, you MUST call them to discuss your account and arrange payment.  If you call the Tax Collector/Assessor, we will direct you to Tax Serv for payment.

 Reasons why your account(s) may go to collection.

  • The amount of tax owed with no consistent payments being made.

The tax office takes a lot of time to make sure that delinquent tax bills are mailed out every month to our taxpayers.  Please consider making monthly payments when you receive your bill to lower the interest you are paying, making sure you can pay the balance if need be when you have to register, and to avoid your account(s) going to collection.

  • If you owe more than 1 year without consistent payments being made.

Taxes should be paid when they are owed, or a payment arrangement made on the account should be made on the account(s) before the registration needs to be renewed or when a registration is needed.

  • If you have moved out of state and have not paid your taxes on time.

If you receive a bill from us in July that means your vehicles registration(s) were actively registered in Bolton as of October of the previous year.  You will be responsible for paying Bolton property tax even if you live in another state. Please make sure you register in your current state and send the Assessor’s Office a copy of it, so that we may adjust your bill if needed.  It is important to do this as soon as possible because the state statutes only allow the Assessor’s 2 years from the Grand List date to make an adjustment on the tax accounts.

There will be additional fees if your account(s) are turned over to collection so please get in touch with the tax office and make a payment if delinquent.

TaxServ Capital Services, LLC can be reached at:
Telephone: 860-724-9100                                                                             
Fax: 860-727-1080             



Payment Options:

Option 1: Online- Save time and pay from home and receive your receipt of payment directly to your email.

A fee of 2.50% for Credit Cards (with $2.00 minimum), $0.95 for E-Checks, and $3.95 flat fee for Debit Cards will be charged by our vendor, Point and Pay, and is non-refundable. 

Payments made this way will take 3-5 business days to process.  The account will not show as paid online until after this processing time. Please make sure you receive confirmation of payment in your email that shows your payment is starting to process. 

Please make sure you enter the correct account number and routing number so that the transaction does not get returned.  Additional fees will be added to any payment that is returned unpaid.
View and/or pay your taxes using this link: 



Option 2: In person in the lower level of Town Hall, 222 Bolton Center Rd

Please go to the tax collector’s door to the left of the Town Hall.
Please add your phone number to your check so if there are any problems, we can get in touch with you quickly.

Credit Card and Debit Card payments are now accepted in the office.  The same fee applies online.
The fee is 2.50% for Credit Cards (with $2.00 minimum), $0.95 for E-Checks, and $3.95 flat fee for Debit Cards.


Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM, Tuesday 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM and Friday 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Option 3: Drop Slot:  A drop slot is located to the side of the Tax Collector’s door at Town Hall for tax payments.

Please enclose payment in a sealed envelope addressed to the Tax Collector’s office.
Please put the best phone number to get in touch with you either on your check or the envelope.


Option 4:  By Mail:
Please make checks payable to: Tax Collector, Town of Bolton.
*Please add your phone number to your check so that we can get in touch with you quickly if needed.

Mail tax payments to: Tax Collector
                                   Town of Bolton
                                   222 Bolton Center Rd. 
                                   Bolton, CT  06043

If a receipt is desired, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope along with a request for a receipt.

Additional information and Frequently Asked Questions can be found on our website under the Tax Collector’s Department. 
The link is