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Tax Enforcement

Please note that delinquencies in payments could result in any of the following:

  1. Inability to register motor vehicles at the Department of Motor Vehicles.
                 a. Only cash or money order will be accepted for taxes when a clearance is needed to register a vehicle at the DMV. REMEMBER: All bills in your name (including joint bills) will need to be paid to obtain this release, and not just the car that needs to be registered.
  2. Demand may be issued.
  3. A warrant may be issued and a Marshal will collect your tax bills. He is authorized to garnish wages, utilize bank executions, or foreclose on property. There will be additional Marshal’s fees that will be due as well.
  4. Foreclosure/Tax Sale of the property. This will be done after 3 years delinquency or more than $15,000.00 overdue.
  5. Inability to obtain any type of permit issued by our Land Use Office in the event taxes are not paid on the property requiring the permit.
  6. Any other allowable means of collection authorized by State Statute.