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Connecticut's Countryside

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2023 Agendas and Minutes
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2022 Agendas and Minutes
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2020 Agendas and Minutes
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December 16, 2020 Agenda Minutes

In 2020, Bolton partnered with the towns of Coventry, Mansfield, and Tolland to create a regional economic vitality plan. This plan has six themes: agriculture, culture & entertainment, higher education, outdoor recreation, small business & entrepreneurship, and visibility & marketing.

This plan was created through input provided from a summit at Patriot’s Park Lodge in Coventry in 2019. At this summit community members attending from the four towns broke into groups to discuss the various themes and projects the towns should implement in the coming years. These themes and ideas were the foundation of the 4-Town Regional Action Plan for Economic Vitality.

The Plan: 
4 Town Economic Vitality Plan

Plan Sections: 
Culture and Entertainment
Higher Education Establishments
Outdoor Recreation
Small Business and Entrepreneurs
Visibility and Marketing


Branding & Marketing Initiative:
In October of 2022, DKA Marketing conducted a public survey to gather public input on a purposed logo for the region. After two weeks, a significant majority of respondents chose Connecticut’s Countryside as the preferred logo. As such the steering committee selected Connecticut’s Countryside as the logo of the 4-town region. Below are the results of the survey and feedback given in the Marketing Plan 

Summit 2023: 
On January 30, 2023, a follow-up regional summit was held at Patriot’s Park Lodge in Coventry to discuss the ongoing work on the regional economic vitality plan. Attendees broke out in discussion groups and provided crucial feedback and guidance for next steps moving forward for the region.
Connecticut's Countryside - 4-Town Summit Meeting - YouTube

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