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Bolton Living History Weekend:

Saturday, Oct. 7th—10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. & Sunday, Oct. 8th —10 a.m to 3 p.m.
Where : Bolton Heritage Farm—266 Bolton Center Rd.          MORE INFORMATION HERE!

Homeowners Tax Relief:

You may be eligible if you were a Bolton homeowner on 10/1/2022, are at least 65 years of age or totally disabled of any age as of 12/31/2022, and have a 2022 calendar year qualifying income of less than $40,300 if a single person household or $49,100 if married.  The application period for new and renewing applicants is Feb. 1 - May 15.  Renewal applications are required every 2 years.   The 2022 Grand List applications will be mailed to renewing applicants and interested parties at the end of January 2023.  If  you are a renewal applicant and have not received your packet by February 10, 2023, please contact the Assessor.  New applicants and others can request an application packet by email or voice message at assessor@boltonct.org or 860-649-8066 x6100.  Please provide your mailing address and telephone number.

Homeowners Application Packet

Homeowners Q & A booklet from CT OPM 

Renter's Rebate Program:  The Assessor’s Office is accepting applications for the 2023 Renters’ Rebate Program.

If you are new to the Renters' program, please call us to see you if you qualify. 

Below is a list of Necessary Documents that are required to process your application.  This is a State program that the Town administers.  Please note that if you do not provide these documents your application cannot be processed.

  • Social Security 1099 form for 2022
  • 1099 forms for pensions, dividends, interest and etc. for 2022
  • Employment information (W-2 forms)
  • 2022 Taxes- complete copy required if you file taxes
  • SSI (if applicable) letter from Social Security stating the full amount received from January –December 2022
  • Proof of all rental payments in 2022 (January – December 2022) in the form of canceled checks, rent receipts or letter/ledger from landlord.
  • Proof of utilities paid in 2022 (January – December 2022). Please contact the utility company to receive an itemized report of what was actually paid.  Qualifying utility expenses include electric, gas, oil, propane, kerosene, and water.

If you have any questions or for more information, please contact the assessor’s office at 860-649-8066 ext. 6102.

Veterans Programs 

of any declared war period having not previously filed for a veteran’s property exemption in the Town of Bolton must provide an original or certified copy of their Honorable Discharge to the Town Clerk by September 30 to be eligible for a minimum exemption of 4,500 deducted from the assessed value of real estate or a motor vehicle. 

Active duty members of the United States armed forces (including reserves and National Guard) are also eligible for the exemption from taxes of one motor vehicle upon application and may also be eligible for the 4,500 assessment reduction.  If the claimant is currently serving in and is unable to appear in person to establish such right, he may establish such right, until such time as he appears personally and exhibits his discharge or copy, by forwarding to the town clerk annually a written statement, signed by the commanding officer of his unit, ship or station or by some other appropriate officer.  If the claimant is currently serving in an active theater of war or hostilities, a parent, guardian, spouse or legal representative of such person may file a notarized statement that he is personally serving and is unable to appear in person by reason of such service, which statement shall be received before the assessment day of the town wherein the exemption is claimed.

with VA disability ratings must submit proof of the rating to the Assessor for an increased exemption benefit.  Proof need be supplied once, unless the rating is changed.

Low income veterans maybe eligible for an Additional Veteran benefit. For the 2023 Grand List, based on 2022 household income, the income limit is $40,300 if you are single or $49,100 if you are married.  If you are 100% VA-determined disabled, the income limits are $18,000 for unmarried households or $21,000 if married.  Veteran's Disability payments and non-taxable social security income are not counted as income for this program.  The application period is February 1 – October 1.  See application here. 

More information on Veterans programs and the Additional Veterans application can be found here: Veterans Programs + Addl Veteran application. A Q & A booklet from Connecticut OPM about the Additional Veterans programs is available here. 

You may be eligible for a veterans exemption if, on the 10/1 Assessment Date, you were in service in time of war and still are in the service, and by reason of continuous service you have not received a separation from service of discharge certificate. More information can be found here.

Totally disabled or blind property owners are eligible for a property exemption by filing their proof of total disability or blindness with the Assessor’s Office.

Application for the Totally Disabled Exemption Program

Motor Vehicle specially-adapted for persons with disabilities - The Town of Bolton has an ordinance exempting certain vehicles specially adapted for persons with disabilities.  The vehicle must be registered in Bolton and not be used to transport persons for a fee.

Application packet