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Human Resources
November 21, 2023
Human Resources Have an issue or concern? Send your comments to the Town of Bolton Start Here Blog & News…

Companion Animal Dental Services
July 13, 2021

Finance Committee
December 26, 2023

Light Pollution and its Effect on Birds - Learn How You Can Help
October 7, 2023
Light pollution and its effect on birds. Millions of birds pass through Connecticut every spring and fall on their way to and from their summer nesting grounds. Because our state is located along the Atlantic Flyway, many birds use our shorelines and…

Inland Wetlands Commission
January 28, 2024

Heritage Farm Commission
August 12, 2023

Veterans Commission Meeting
September 5, 2023

Veterans Commission
December 19, 2023

Veterans Commission
January 2, 2024

Veterans Commission Meeting
October 3, 2023

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